The world needs something new.
Not new stuff.
But new ideas.
Better World Fashion is a new idea.
We are revolutionizing the way we produce, sell and own clothing.
We are revolutionizing the way we produce clothes. Although our products are made from recycled materials, they are new. We transform used leather, discarded plastic bottles and recycled metal into new modern leather jackets. In this way, we reduce the negative impact on the environment - and that is needed.
We are revolutionizing the way we sell and own clothes. You can buy your jacket. But you can also rent it. Either way, there are benefits to sending it back to us when you no longer want to own it. This way we can produce new jackets - created from leather from your old jacket. Thus, we do not need to own so many things - and that is needed.
We are revolutionizing the relationship we have with clothing. Our clothes don't have to end up in the wardrobe or trash when we're done with it. We want to tell the story of our leather jackets so they have an interesting life. We want to create new designs of recycled leather so new owners can write new stories
- and that's what they need.
There is also a need for you. You who want to help make a difference and write a new story. For Better World Fashion, for the clothing industry and the way clothing is produced today. But also for a better world. There is a need for you who will help to write on the stories of our jackets.
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